The story is simple really. We see woman and children who have been bought, sold, traded and stripped of the most basic of human rights. We see them abused and treated as a commodity, rather than a dignified human being; someone’s daughter, sister and friend. We see girls who need our help urgently.
So our story began when we saw this need and recognised our ability to do something.
Around the world people are being bought, sold and abused. We exist to tell you about it, empower you to stand against it and help restore the lives of those who have been hurt by it.
We see young women released from the bondage of Human Trafficking and welcomed into a safe, nurturing environment.
We see these young women instilled with hope for the future; equipped, educated and confident in their value as precious individuals.
We see people in prosperous nations, like Australia, being made aware of the horror and injustice brought about by Human Trafficking and inspired to be a part of the solution.