Hayden Real Estate Supports Ban Ban

OVER the past three years, Hayden Real Estate have given out over 35,000 reusable bags across the Surf Coast in support of a plastic bag free Torquay.

Surf Coast community campaigners, led by local organisations such as Plastic Bag Free Torquay and supported by businesses like Hayden Real Estate, have made it a priority to advocate for the prohibition of single use plastic bags.

They have been advocating for a significant change in consumer and supplier practices, ceasing the distribution of single use plastic bags and introducing the implementation of durable and reusable products.

Hayden Real Estate director Miranda McGree said that their organisation had been a supporter of this cause for many years, ever since Anglesea took the first steps towards being free from single use plastic bags.

“We are proud to support the push to make Torquay and the whole of the Surf Coast plastic bag free,” Ms McGree said.

“We get people sending us photos of them using the bags which is great, from down at the beach, to shopping and all around the world.”

The Surf Coast Shire Council is also committed to reducing the use and distribution of single use plastic bags to curtail the impact they have on the pristine natural environment and waterways within the Surf Coast Shire.

In collaboration with local businesses, shop owners and consumers, the Surf Coast Shire Council is also working towards a conscious transformation from single use plastics to reusable and eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives.

The Surf Coast towns of Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Deans Marsh, Winchelsea and Fairhaven have already successfully replaced single use plastic bags with reusable and durable alternatives, now it’s Torquay’s turn.

The phase out will discourage the use and distribution of single use plastic bags with handles made of polyethylene polymer less than 35 microns.

For more information on the transition to a plastic bag free Torquay, please go to plasticbagfreetorquay.org.au.


Source: Surf Coast Time